Saturday, September 1, 2012

It has been fun, but it's time to move on

Well, blogger, it's been a fun ride. I have decided that I am moving our wonderful little blog over to tumblr. The format is just easier to access and fits my blogging style better. I was never cut out to sit here and write a lot of stuff. More of a visual person, not so much of a verbal one. So you can find us and all future posts over on tumblr at this address:

I also like it because it automatically sends posts to twitter and facebook for me and that really saves me a lot of time. So see you over on tumblr everyone!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Toy Shows and Monsters

Okay, this is going to be short basically because I am typing this on  my tablet and it's just a little awkward doing so. It's been a pretty busy time so far. Lots of things being created, we have new jewelry being made using recycled paper beads we rolled by hand, and let me tell you they look awesome! Also have new painted wood pieces being made and charms and paintings just so much fun stuff! I tend to work on everything else that I neglect to share it here, but the fanpage gets hit up so you really should like us on facebook for more up to date information. I (Kiamichi) am going to be participating in the upcoming toy show at DNA Galleries in the Plaza District here in Oklahoma City next week. I just dropped off my entries for it, I painted a cute little wooden bowling ball and pin set that I ordered off of Etsy from this amazing store called IUsedtobeaTree, he makes great wooden blanks for you to paint, and I also dropped off one of my stuffed pig plushies. Here is a picture of the bowling set I made:

I had been reading Dr. Seuss books to my kids and decided to make some silly monsters you might have in your dreams and the bowling ball is a bomb to blow them up with.  It isn't very big as you can see, the bowling ball is about the size of one of those bouncy balls you get out of the 25 cent vending machines at the store. I had to hide them once I was done though cause my 5 year old kept trying to steal it.

Here is my piggy, her name is Penny, I have others but I am going to put tutu's on them, this one is just a cute little pig:

Isn't she adorable! She's really fat too, I think she is one of my favorites.

I am going to post up a poster for the show as well so if any of you are in the area you should come and check it out, there are going to be 30 or so other artists participating and they are all local. Plus the items are all up for sale as well.

So yeah, I think that's about it for now. We are also going to be in a show down in Norman, Oklahoma on March 24 at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds, which is 2 days after this one so come see us there too! Have a great day, week, month!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Painting and Stuffs

I have been busy painting lately. Now that my kids are older I am now able to do this more often than I have over the last 9 years. I  love it because it's one of my favorite things to do beside beading. I could buy out any art supply store of their canvases and be happy forever if I had the money to do it. So I have been doing a lot of bright pop art type things. It's more of what I like to do. I am not a traditional Native American artist, I don't do strictly Native motifs in my art. I do this mainly because I hate how people try to pigeonhole Native artists into this archetype of doing strictly Native inspired art pieces. When I do include Native themes in my work, I do portrait work or I do interpretations on creation stories and other stories I have heard as I was growing up. I was heavily influenced by comics and cartoon art as I was growing up so that shows in what I do. I had a stash of comic books in my room and I would sit there by my window and practice drawing in the sunlight. I would also make my own comics and flip animations. All this has evolved into this crazyness I try to put out to the masses. So enough of my rambling, it's show and tell time!

Here are some paintings in progress. I am going to paint them soon.

WIP by ~luksicreations on deviantART
WIP by ~luksicreations on deviantART
WIP by ~luksicreations on deviantART
WIP by ~luksicreations on deviantART
WIP by ~luksicreations on deviantART

Here are some finished paintings and some painted wood charms:

Cute Paintings by ~luksicreations on deviantART
Misc. Painted Wood Charms by ~luksicreations on deviantART
Painted Girl Charms by ~luksicreations on deviantART

And these are some images I am making into charms and stickers:

Charm and Sticker images 1 by ~luksicreations on deviantART
Charm and Sticker images 2 by ~luksicreations on deviantART

So even though things might be quiet on here, I am working like mad making things all the time. Maybe that is why it's so quiet on here! Until next time! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy New Year!

Way late as usual. Just wanted to come through here real quick and wish everyone a great 2012, it is the year of the dragon so it's supposed to be a lucky year! I was born in the year of the dragon so hopefully some of that luck will come my way (fingers crossed!) Not been a lot of action here on the blog lately, mainly because I decided to lose the L key on my keyboard and kept forgetting to order a new one, so it makes it hard to type. However I do have a new one coming so I shall be more active when that happens. Also holiday season is just so busy I kind of lost track of time.

Here is a quick rundown of what is going to be happening here:

1. Revised logo, I finally finished it. So our cute little turtle will be back as our mascot and included in the logo. I missed him, those colored dots were just not doing it for me anymore, they were temporary anyway.

2. More art is going to me included in our stores. I am painting up a storm plus making bookmarks and selling prints of some of my digital art. Also going to try to get into some local art shows.

3. New dolls. I am finally going to take full advantage of Spoonflower and make me some awesome printed plush dolls, these will be added to my already growing line of handsewn original animal plushes I make already.

4. The husband will be making more wooden merchandise as well, swords and shields for kids and adults plus small furniture for children.

5. More craft shows! Will still be going to Live on the Plaza when we can, sending in the application today for that and hopefully Deluxe again as well. We are also going to be at the Canadian County Fair Grounds in March, more on that on our facebook page. I do a lot of last minute updates about shows on our facebook page so please like it!

So far that is the to do list, I am also still trying to get other people to help with the blog but so far they are still being stubborn. I am learning web design now so this place may get a facelift as well. Especially the individual pages, I can make custom slideshows of my own without using flickr. Just need to figure out where to host them from and we are good to go. So lots of exciting new adventures for us this year, lots of growth and maybe one day I can actually make a living off all this crazy stuff I do! Be back soon! Take care everyone!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mustache Mania

Wow, it's been a busy fall so far! Birthdays, shows, general family madness. It never seems to end. I had planned a wonderful Halloween post, but it kind of fell through because I lost track of time and the costumes just didn't get done like we wanted. So yeah, upset about it a little but it happens. Now we are gearing up for the holiday show season. Going to be doing Deluxe again this year, which we are super excited about. I love that show, you meet so many awesome people there. Also doing some smaller shows, one at my kids elementary school and one at Chesapeake Energy. So lots to do!

My daughter got me started on the whole mustache thing a few years ago. She likes to buy the stick on mustaches from the vending machines and freak people out as we drive by them in traffic. I have always made plush ones, but this time I decided to make some out of Crayola Model Magic and dowel rods so you can walk around with your stache. I have to hide them from my four year old, he likes to wear them around. His favorite is the Fu Man Chu stache. It is very easy to do. I mainly make things I think kids are going to like to play with  and plus it is made out of non toxic materials so you don't have to worry if they stick them in their mouths. Enjoy the pics I remembered to take! I actually did process photos this time ( I am so bad about that)

So here is my layout of clay and sticks. I also have wax paper on the table so I have somewhere to put them while they dry. It takes about a full day for them to totally dry enough to sit them in a container, I also make sure to flip them so both sides air dry equally. I use the Model Magic because it's just plain awesome. My daughter and I built an entire Greek Mythology Theme Park out of it and paper mache one year. It dries well and it doesn't get all crumbly, plus it stays a nice soft texture after it dries. I also don't have to bake it which is a huge plus! I have black and red here.

Next I pull some clay off and start to roll it. I put it into one piece and taper off the ends. I also did this on top of my calendar, which was a dopey thing to do. After this I shape it to the shape I want and shove a stick into the middle of it all.

I do use some sculpting tools for whatever I feel I need them for. Not much but they help when smoothing things out and curving things. Then I lay them out and let them dry.

Ta Da! Then when they are all dry, you hand them out and let your family members take unsuspecting pictures that you then put on your blog. I am sneaky like that! My sister decided to add a pop cap monocle to her picture,  my daughter just had a giggle fit because she used the ginger stache as she calls it.

She somehow reminds me of the Mayor from the Power Puff Girls. All she needs is a jar of pickles.

The fun never ends in this house, let me tell you!

Time to go, hope to update again soon, providing I don't get sucked into another black hole. See you soon!



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