Friday, September 26, 2008

I have new things to show you

When I typed that title, I seriously heard it in Pinheads voice. I need to stop watching Hellraiser so much, lol. I can't help it though because I love horror movies, and now is the time of year where they are all over the tv. LOVE IT! Speaking of Halloween, I will be posting some Halloween designs here in a few days. Now I am posting other things I have finished. I also want to add that Zazzle now offers customizable skateboards. How awesome is that! So I am working on some skateboard designs and reworking a few older designs to fit the boards. I can't wait to get them done! So yeah here are some new drawings and stuff for you guys to look at:

I love these slideshows, makes things so much easier to post. I will be making some into posters for sure. So I am in creative high gear so expect me to update like crazy for the next few weeks. I finally have enough time to get these things done.

I would also like to thank those of you who have been buying my hats and keychains, oh and the shirts and mugs too! I hope you like them, it really makes me happy. As far as the Etsy store, still working on getting enough stuff to post on there. Beadwork takes a lot of time, but its getting there! Talk to you soon.


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