Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cleaning out the clutter

I decided it would be a good idea to get rid of frivolous items on my Zazzle site. Of course this would have to be the day the site was having weird tech glitches and now my store is full of wonk. Wonk wonk wonk, wonderful, wonderful WONK!!! I am so frustrated. I must have magical timing or something. That or the internet gods like to screw with me. I am leaning towards the whole internet gods screwing with me thing. I think they are sitting there pointing with their stylus' and LOLing at me. LOLING AT ME, cause we all know they don't laugh like the rest of us do DUH.

ANYWAY. I deleted a lot of merchandise because I thought it was not relevant anymore. I really just want to sell prints, posters, shirts, and a few other things. All that other mess was just there. That means the only holiday category I have left is Halloween, and its not going anywhere. The rest of my holiday stuff just moved to other categories because there wasn't enough of them for me to care. That is pretty much it.

Ok done with my ranting and my small little update. Back to beefing up the old portfolio so people will notice me HUZZAH!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cowboy Aliens from Space Stole my Princess Cake

New illustrations, and yes they are for sale as prints and other items in the Zazzle store. These are just some really cute designs and drawings I came up with for a proposal that didn't come to fruition. I liked them so much I decided to use them for myself since they weren't going to be used otherwise. Such is the way things go when you are bidding for work though.


I especially like the one with all the sugary food. MMMMMMMMM sugary food. Makes me want to make cupcakes. Too bad I am all out of sugar. :(

Still tweaking the new site a bit. Should be up and running soon as long as nothing comes up and eats my money, like evil student loans >_<.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My inane ramblings have taken a new form

I have a Tumbler now. Daily inspiration things I feel like posting and sharing. Little photo snippets into my warped brain! Come and look at the madness:

and I also made a fan page for Facebook. Let's see if we get anyone! O_O

so go fan me!! I shall lounge on a bed of roses while well built men feed me grapes.

I also am now a proud member of OK Etsy Team!!! YAY!!! go team!!

Ok enough of my late night ramblings, off to bed for me! (Exclamation Points!!!!)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Changes are inevitable

I have been talking about it for at least 6 months or more. I am finally going to be moving to my main website here in a few weeks. Funding my domain has finally become possible! I am happy as a bunny in a vegetable garden! I am going to try and bring the bloggy goodness here to the new site, if not then I will link it up in the first blog post over there. The new site will have all my stuff in one neat place. I will have my new blog there, my portfolio, contact page, store stuff, all there in one site. It will be nice to not have to click all over the internet to get to everything. I love blogspot, I really do, I may start a new blog not related to my business here for the fun of it if I get a good idea for one. I will keep my deviant art page for all the other things I won't put into my portfolio, it will serve as my place for "additional material" in case any one is interested. I am just so excited!! New year, new beginnings, new site, 2010 is going to be exciting!


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