Monday, December 27, 2010

Today's Best Award Winner from Zazzle!

Ice Cream Dream iPad Speck Case speckcase
Ice Cream Dream iPad Speck Case by LuksiCreations
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Pretty cool huh. Second one I have ever gotten there. I just finished this last night too!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Puppy Love

Done in Illustrator CS3. You know how your first crush can go. You like him/her, they think you have cooties. This is my version of that.

Kiamichi Goodbear

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas! Have some bacon!!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday with their friends and family. It's been pretty laid back here. Everyone is all warm and comfy in their flannel pajamas and fleece blankets. Coffee is flowing because the adults here all need caffeine to function. Plus, I got this awesome present from Santa:

Love it!! I got a Major Award!! I was just saying last night while watching A Christmas Story that it would be awesome to get that lamp and that I would forever love whoever was able to procure one for me. So happy to get this, you have no idea. I am such a nerd.

I also have been busy drawing things up. I am also offering custom silhouettes in the Etsy store, if you are interested. Here is my ode to pork, because who doesn't love bacon?

I have a warped sense of humor. I have also made a wall pattern of the background and will be putting it on items in the Zazzle store, the individual little pig will be on items as well. The whole thing will be sold as posters and maybe some other items as well. More to come so check back often!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Vector Practice

Deciding to go ahead full steam and offer this type of service in the Etsy store, or you just contact here as well. Prices are as follows:
Single Portrait: $30
Couples: $40 ($10 for each additional person)
Full Body Portrait: $50
Black and White Line Art: $15

Here is the last practice image I worked on, I worked on this off and on cause I have been kind of nursing my hand from all the sewing I had done before Deluxe. First I will show the original image and then the vector image. Enjoy!

Original Image:

Vector Painting:

This one was challenging because of the hair and all the little details in the clothing. Had tons of fun with it though, the more challenging the better!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Portfolio Site

I have a new portfolio site made specifically under my name because I think this business here under this name is going to start incorporating more people so I want a specific space just for me and my illustration work. By more people I mean Luksi Creations is becoming more of a family affair than just me trying to go it alone so much. My daughter is joining me in my crafting ventures and I told her when she turned 14, legal working age, then I would let  her become more involved, plus my mom is getting in on it all as well as my husband, sooo more changes are being made here. Pages will being changing or disappearing all together. If it concerns my illustration work, I will still post things about new things here, but the portfolio part of it all will be here:

all nice and neat and in one space. This will be our main blog for me and everyone else concerned. It's been a long time coming actually. Just bear with me while I rearrange stuff. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I hate coming up with titles to things

I really do. It never goes well. If I could leave everything Untitled and then just put a number after it I would. It's agonizing to me. I mean, it took me a 8 years to think of a name for my daughter (mind you I started thinking of it when I was 10) and my oldest son was almost born nameless cause we couldn't figure out what to call him until three days before he was born. I suck at it. Same thing with blog titles, art piece titles, facebook status updates, the list can get quite long. Don't even get me started on usernames for forums and other things. It makes my head want to explode. I think this is why I can't make my mind up on a decent logo and banner too. I have loads of them, just can't decide which one fits me the best cause I am really all over the place. I am a creative hurricane. I have a point in all this, I really do. It has to do with the vector painting project I am doing this week. I have another one to post today. The title sucks. Fair warning has been issued. Beware. This one is another random image pulled from some random image search I did when researching Japanese Harajuku fashion, cause I really just love it, so much insanity and cute, I adore it. Anyhow, the image is a girl with a large stuffed doll. Hence the mindblowingly awesome title of "Doll Girl", yeah, amazing isn't it. Ok, enough with the sarcasm, on to the art!

Original Image:
Cute huh, I also obviously have something for girls with pink hair. I think it may be time for me to rock the pink hair again myself. If anyone knows the source of the image, let me know. I don't have it.

The Vector Painting:

It was particularly fun drawing the tights. I love stripey things. I think I am getting the hang of this pretty well. I paint like this with acrylics all the time. Not much difference with the drawing tablet other than the fact that it's cleaner and I don't have to worry about my kids dumping my paint on the floor as they run screaming through the room.

Well, that's that. More to come. I have at least 3 others that I want to do. Then I have some original illustrations I need to finish up and get posted as well. I am having some fun with these at the moment though. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vector Painting Practice

I am going to be practicing my vector painting this week so I will be posting my efforts here when I am done with them. This is the first one I have done, took me about 7 hours. Found the image on tumblr and will try and find the source, if anyone knows alert me so I can credit their photo. It is a very colorful photograph and that is the reason why I used it to practice on. So here is the original image:

Pretty isn't it. I really love her pink hair, I had hair that color once. It's fun! Now, here is the image I drew in Illustrator:
  I think the hair and the decorations in it took the most time. Also you have to remember to draw things in a certain order, or rearrange your layers after you group your paths, it is a lot more brain work doing digital art than people realize. You really have to think out each step, not that you don't have to do that when doing art by traditional methods but I think you realize it more when you are working on the computer.

Now the reason I am doing these little practice runs, I am going to start selling portraits and taking on commissions to do digital portraits for people through Etsy and Deviant Art. I decided I needed to do some dry runs before I worked on any for money. Always good to hone your skills. This should be an interesting week!


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