Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bead Madness

I have been beading like a maniac for about 2 weeks now, I think. My perception of time is a bit wonky cause I work from home so I never see weekends anymore, but that's a whole other post about the side effects of working in your pajamas every day.

These are for the upcoming Plaza District Festival on October 9th in Oklahoma City.

The top one is going to be a bag and the others are hair pieces. I need to edge them and put them onto some barrettes. Then I decided to show my mess. I have this HUGE stack of drawers that are full of nothing but beads in them. I am slightly shocked though cause when I went through them the other day I realized I am running out of a few colors. I haven't had to buy beads in about 5 years, I buy in bulk, so it was a bit of a surprise to me.

Other than this, I am just trying to get my whole look for my booth together. I haven't had a real booth in a long time and I have changed what I sell so coming up with a cohesive look is stressing me out a bit. I want it to be simple but pleasant to the eye, but not to where it is distracting from what I am selling. The crafts are the stars after all. Until next time, happy creating everyone!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Craft Show Madness

I have been busy the last few weeks getting ready for an upcoming craft show here where I live. I was accepted to have a booth at the Plaza District Festival here in OKC in October. I was busy anyway getting new things made for my Etsy store, but I like making things so I just decided to make more. It is mainly a lot of beadwork. I am making some beaded floral hairpieces, I will show them later when they are finished, and am also beading some hand sewn velvet clutch purses. So for today's show and tell, I have some shoes, a screen in process, and some really cute charm pendants with some of my art work in them.

The shoes I have are just some regular canvas shoes, I am making them for my daughter. She asked me to put Hayao Miyazaki's Totoro characters on them. My Neighbor Totoro is one of our favorite movies to watch as a family and if you haven't ever seen it  you should. So, one of the shoes is Totoro and the other shoe is the Catbus. I haven't painted them yet so they are just drawn in at the time being. I have them on my agenda to do this weekend.


I have another blank pair to do as well, but I am still trying to decide what to put on them. 

T have also been making screens for some shirts I am going to make. I took a pic of me drawing in the design on my Zombie shirt:

There are two more designs that I am going to have as well, but I figured I will take pics of those after I make the shirts. I do have to say, I love my mod podge after all of this. It is amazing and I will never use anything else.
I ordered some resin stickers and some glass cabochons to make pendants with. I spent several hours in Photoshop as well making templates for my pendants so I can put in different designs without having to make new sheets every time. I am going to me making smaller ones as well so I can make charm bracelets with them. The pendants are all 1 inch in size and all the artwork comes from some of my illustrations and doodles I have done. 

These were a lot of fun to make and a lot easier than I thought they would be.
If you want more information on the show, you can go to their site:

More to come!


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