Friday, April 22, 2011

Cymbals, Strings, and Other Things

It's a new line we are implementing. My sister makes some really awesome jewelry out of repurposed drum cymbals and bass guitar strings her friends donate to her (she has a lot of friends in bands!) She is out of the Dallas area. She has made a page just for her so here I am pimping it out like a good big sister should!

Go check it out, like it, share it, stare at it. Love it!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Upcoming Shows and Stuff

Don't you just love my incredible ability to come up with exciting blog entry titles, I should share my amazing secrets with you all some time! (I have none, they are horrible, I acknowledge this)

It has been a while since there has been anything posted here and I sincerely apologize. Things have been a little crazy here at Luksi Creations central lately. We finally decided to dive head long into making this a viable business. My mom and the rest of my family have jumped into the ship and we are all trying to work together. I (Kiamichi) have final say and quality control over things though. My mom (Cathe) is amazing and has gotten all our legal and financial stuff under control and well, the rest of them are busy making things and brainstorming ideas for where to go and how to display and advertise and all kinds of stuff. It really requires a lot of work and I am grateful now that I am not doing it all alone. My goal is to eventually have a physical store, but I know that will take some time. I have a friend who started much in the same way I am and she just now opened up her store in Tonkowa, Oklahoma. It has taken her around 10 years to get to that point, but it can be done! So we have been adding merchandise and getting rid of merchandise, because a lot of it you really don't know if it's going to work until you have heard some customer feedback, which has been tremendously helpful. If any of you out there who have bought our items could send me some pictures of you wearing it or with it that would be great! I have a nice little album on the facebook fanpage for pictures like that.

Ok, now for the upcoming show list I have been meaning to post for the last month. ( I know, I know!)

Live on the Plaza OKC, OK: Every second Friday of the month. We will be there, except for July because we will be in Florida pretending to be Disney princesses and heroes. So we will be there these dates though:

May 13, June 10, August 12, September 9, October 14  all from 7-11 pm

JC's Funky Hair Ranch Art Show in Edmond, OK:

May 28, 2011   22 East 3rd Street, Edmond   9am-5pm

Will update this list if we are accepted to any more shows, we are hoping to get into the plaza district show again this year and are going to apply for deluxe again as well. Booth fee money is another catch we are getting used to. 

Here is something I have been meaning to share for a little while, it's an illustration I did for a dear friend of mine. She is a strawberry fiend, it's her favorite berry. I drew it in Illustrator CS3.

Will be selling as a print soon. Finally found some place that will print with the budget I have so will be adding original prints and cards, bookmarks, and paperdolls soon! Also will be updating the Etsy shop over the next week. Taking pictures of merchandise now so check us on facebook or twitter for the latest updates! Back to work now, lots to do!

Author: Kiamichi


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