Friday, July 9, 2010

Star Wars and Ice Cream

Things have been a little hectic, working on a project and it's kind of taken up a lot of time, hence the long wait in between posts. Here are a few pieces I am working on and will be finishing once I am done working on the current project I have to do. I will definitely post more about this project once it is completed, but until then I kind of have to just say that I am busy and some things are on the back burner until it gets completed.

So I am going to preview for you my Ice Cream Dream and Star Wars Bunch illustrations. I will also show you my extremely messy work space. I try to keep it clean, but it never stays that way.

I am going to finish this one up in Illustrator later. I really can't wait to work on it more cause I think it's cute and silly. It basically sums up my love of frozen dairy products. YUM!

It's a nice little family portrait. This one is going to be finished in Photoshop after I ink it by hand. I basically made it for my son, he is a huge Star Wars fan. He wants to take fencing cause it will be like fighting with light sabers. So he will be getting a copy of this to color all on his own once I get it inked.

Here is my laptop. I do everything on it. Everything. I also own multiple USBs and that is where I keep all my illustrations so I have enough space on my laptop to work. I love my laptop.

Yeah, here is my messy desk. It was clean a few days ago, now it looks worse than this. At least I know where everything is, it is a very organized mess. I really need to clean it again.

I am going to attempt to post every Friday from now on. I need to be more consistent. Even if I am busy and can barely check my emails. See you next week, hopefully with something interesting!


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