Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quick Update

The new year has been pretty busy so far. Getting all our ducks in a row and getting ready to launch as an official store has been kind of crazy. I think we have it all worked out for now, at least this part. Have all the legal stuff taken care of at least. It's all part of trying to live the dream!

Have been working on a custom order for my daughter's dance team. Screen printing some graffiti shirts for her hip hop routine. I would have some process pics to share but someone took off with the camera so all I have are the pics of the finished product. Here they are:

Not bad for someone who has no screen printing press. Amazing what you can accomplish with some freezer paper, fabric paint, and an iron. I think I like it better than with an actual screen. I am going to make more of these to sell in the etsy shop, different words of course. It was just so much fun! Maybe next time I can do process photos so I can show how it's done.

In the midst of getting some new beaded items made. Finally. It's been a while. Sorry for the post and dash! Have to whittle this to do list down before it becomes a monster!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pirates and Geishas and Brides, Oh My!

Been a busy little bee making new illustrations for the masses. They are all up in the Zazzle store and will be on items in the Etsy store soon. Just have to keep plugging away. Keeps me sane! Just a quick post to share and then back to work:

Thanks for looking! Sorry for the shortness of the posts lately, just rearranging things a bit.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today's Best Award for 1-11-2011!

I think I am going to faint if this happens again so soon! My Red Skull Onesie got this honor today from Always nice to get noticed out of the herd! Thanks!

Still moving along and trying to get pictures together for the site, takes a bit more effort when you are relying on other people and their schedules. Something I have to get used to. My sister is working on some awesome jewelry she makes out of broken drum cymbals and bass guitar strings. She is a demon with her dremel tool. Headbands are being made, and many other things are in the works. Will update as it happens!

Author: Kiamichi


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