Monday, May 31, 2010

Sugar Shock

Here is what I have been working on the last two days. It took me so long because Adobe Illustrator was being a pain in my butt and crashing. First time it crashed before I could even save anything. Next time I saved things every 5 minutes! So, yeah, those of you out there who are just now delving into the wonderful world of digital art, save your work every few minutes or end up screaming at your computer for your own stupidity. I was so upset at myself the first time that I just went to bed. I posted the line art to this in the previous post, so I am just going to put up the finished piece here in this one. Prints are available on my Zazzle site. This is one in a series I am working on for weird holidays. I think this is for National Candy Month.

I especially like the bon bon and the gumballs. They are my favorite out of the whole thing. This took me about 6 hours, mainly cause I do a lot of back and forth and I had about 17 layers. Each piece of candy was its own layer and group. Plus, I am still just not as quick with digital art as I am otherwise. Mainly because of the whole saving issue I spoke of earlier. Still not second nature to me yet. Really I am just a perfectionist who redoes everything at least 3 times before I am semi happy with it. More to come in this series, next is this cute little ice cream freak or the bubble gum girl, haven't decided yet. Plus more to draw out. Have a really fun Star Wars one I am working on.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bubblegum and Sugar Attacks

I have a few illustration in the making. They are two in a series I am working on dealing with fun and weird holidays. Potentially they will become a calendar, but I am having some creative issues with a couple of months out of the year, mainly January, April, and December. The rest I have ideas for. I also may turn them into a coloring book as well to sell on but I am still debating that idea. I am going to make them all digital illustrations though and sell prints of them on Zazzle. I also have some digital paper dolls I am working on. I love paper dolls, I used to play with them all the time as a kid.

The girl is for Bubblegum Day in February. I wanted something cute and what is cuter than a little girl with curls blowing a bubble with her gum. The finished one won't have all the black inking on it. The pile of candy is for National Candy Month in June. I may or may not keep it inked in black. I still haven't made my mind up on it yet. Plus the image is sideways, thanks blogger. I will post these up as soon as I get them finished. Hopefully soon cause I am getting frustrated with my lack of time due to crazy family, end of the school year stuff. I also may just finish up my other sketches and then color all of them. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Also, may be making some jewelry soon too. Still thinking on that though.


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