About Us

Luksi Creations is the brainchild of Kiamichi Goodbear and Catherine Stairs, mother and daughter super team and creative geniuses! Well, maybe not geniuses but we certainly have a giant creative streak in our veins. This creative streak has also spread out to the rest of our family so we decided to expand and include them as well. The other members of our family team are Tashina Goodbear (my daughter), Frank Goodbear (my husband), and Mauli Watkins (my sister). They are all excellent artists in their own rights, but we have banded together as one to make the world a more colorful, fun, and exciting place. Our specific talents are different areas:

Kiamichi Goodbear: plush doll artist, jewelry artist, beadwork, weaving, basketry, digital and traditional media artist, illustrator
Catherine Stairs: jewelry artist, sewing, beadwork, basketry
Mauli Watkins: jewelry artist, traditional media artist, photography
Frank Goodbear: traditional Native crafts, wood carving
Tashina Goodbear: jewelry artist, traditional media artist, apprentice

Our Team Bio's:

Kiamichi Goodbear:

My name is Kiamichi Goodbear and I am an Illustrator and an Artist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I was born and raised here and grew up in the rich Native American culture we have here. I am a member of the Ponca and Choctaw Nations and a lot of my art is influenced by this. I would not call myself a traditional Native artist though because I have also been influenced by the various art movements and styles that have emerged over the years. I do think my style is fun, vibrant, and whimsical. I also have a tongue in cheek approach to some of the themes I portray in my work. I was also a teacher for many years and working with children gave me some very good insight on what they like and don't like and I keep that in mind when I do illustrations for children. I have done illustrations for greeting cards, children's books, and several other children based teaching tools.

I have been creating artwork for over 20 years and I work in various mediums. I use acrylics, gouache, charcoal, colored pencil, graphite pencil, pen and ink, marker, clay, collage, block printing, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. I also make traditional Native American bead work and clothing.

Mauli Watkins:
Name's Mauli, but my friends call me Mauls (not really for short, since it's the same length!). I've studied art for years and received a Minor in Studio Art from Dartmouth College a few years back. I originally started out in photography and drawing, dabbled in oil paints here and there, and then landed where I am now, playing with recycled goods. Currently, my art focuses on using drum cymbals and bass/guitar strings that have been broken or worn out and needed replacing. Instead of letting my friends (and new acquaintances) throw them out, I take them off of their hands and create unique pieces of art and jewelry. I have also began working with copper wire (both coated and plain) to form and fashion other pieces.


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