Saturday, December 12, 2009

Craft Show stuff!

I have been meaning to do this update for about a week now. I let things get away from me and lose track of time because my weeks get so crazy with three kids and my new part time job.

I was part of a craft show at my mom's place of business. It was their annual Christmas Craft Show. I tried it last year but was not that successful.
It gave me a year to think about what to do next. I clearly
am not a jewelry maker. Frankly, I hate making it. I do however love to sew things by hand. I spent time at the library pouring over all kinds of books about sewing bags, hats, clothes, you name it, but nothing was really making me feel passionate about making it. That was until I went digging into my grandmothers old craft folders. She has patterns in there from the 1950s! It made me remember how much I loved making dolls with her when I was a kid. So I sat down and sketched some ideas out and then made the patterns for them. I also read a few plush toy books to get some ideas on sewing and materials. Then, I got down to business. I made dolls like crazy. I had to hide them from my kids. They kept trying to steal them, especially the youngest one. I made them out of felt, fuzzy fake fur, velvet, and canvas. I dug up my embroidery thread and my buttons and just had a great time. I also painted a few with acrylics. I worked like crazy to get my stuff done for the show. Day of the show and I can say I did much better this time. So now I am sharing my little creations with you. I still have some left over and they are going to go up for sale in the Etsy store.

I have a few more ideas, I know definitely the big dolls are getting made in more colors and in a bigger quantity next time. I sold all but one of them! I am also going to work on more screenprinting and block print note cards. My plan is to enter more shows this year and have fun meeting new people. I have to get out of my cave some time! Here are the rest of the pics. Make sure to check out the Etsy store some time in the next day or two because I will be posting the rest of my stock there.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I am such a procrastinator

I updated the Zazzle store again. About 8 new cute kids designs. I made dolls with them too that I will be putting up in the Etsy store once the weather here decides to clear up. No good taking pictures on a cloudy day! Especially when you do not have a light box to take pictures in, I really need to make one of those, or be lazy and buy one.

I plan to be more active with the blog. I am just a huge airhead and forget about it. Plus once I get my domain paid for, all this loveliness here will be moving to the new site. Monetary issues and all, sucks to be a grown up some times lol! I also need to start tagging things. I forget about that too.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Zazzle store updated!

Bubble Print print
Bubble Print by LuksiCreations
See the other art on

this is available in posters, shoes, mousepads, skateboards, and in my brand spaking new binder section. Check it out! Huge update coming soon, I need to do some photo editing before I post my new line of plushies.


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