Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy New Year!

Way late as usual. Just wanted to come through here real quick and wish everyone a great 2012, it is the year of the dragon so it's supposed to be a lucky year! I was born in the year of the dragon so hopefully some of that luck will come my way (fingers crossed!) Not been a lot of action here on the blog lately, mainly because I decided to lose the L key on my keyboard and kept forgetting to order a new one, so it makes it hard to type. However I do have a new one coming so I shall be more active when that happens. Also holiday season is just so busy I kind of lost track of time.

Here is a quick rundown of what is going to be happening here:

1. Revised logo, I finally finished it. So our cute little turtle will be back as our mascot and included in the logo. I missed him, those colored dots were just not doing it for me anymore, they were temporary anyway.

2. More art is going to me included in our stores. I am painting up a storm plus making bookmarks and selling prints of some of my digital art. Also going to try to get into some local art shows.

3. New dolls. I am finally going to take full advantage of Spoonflower and make me some awesome printed plush dolls, these will be added to my already growing line of handsewn original animal plushes I make already.

4. The husband will be making more wooden merchandise as well, swords and shields for kids and adults plus small furniture for children.

5. More craft shows! Will still be going to Live on the Plaza when we can, sending in the application today for that and hopefully Deluxe again as well. We are also going to be at the Canadian County Fair Grounds in March, more on that on our facebook page. I do a lot of last minute updates about shows on our facebook page so please like it!

So far that is the to do list, I am also still trying to get other people to help with the blog but so far they are still being stubborn. I am learning web design now so this place may get a facelift as well. Especially the individual pages, I can make custom slideshows of my own without using flickr. Just need to figure out where to host them from and we are good to go. So lots of exciting new adventures for us this year, lots of growth and maybe one day I can actually make a living off all this crazy stuff I do! Be back soon! Take care everyone!


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