Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I want to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year. Thank you for supporting me and my dream, and I hope everything you reach for this coming year you can achieve!

The Etsy store is still on hold, blame the economy and me needing funds to be able to actually post items up there. They charge 20 cents an item and I just do not have the money for it at the time being. Maybe I can figure something out. I think there may be a better option. I get a bit impatient but it will all work out in the end. Maybe a Yahoo business page is what I really need to do. Oh well, still thinking about it. Have a great time with your family and friends and hope to keep on moving forward in the new year ahead!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Etsy Site

Will be up and running by this weekend, hopefully. We finally got enough stuff made to where I can put some on the site and keep some for setting up at places that allow booths. We have some really cute cell phone straps, picture frames, abalone shell necklaces, magnets, paperweights, beaded wine glasses, ornaments, canes, and earrings. So when it happens I shall make a post about it and add a link on the side with the others. I am excited!!

And thank you guys for buying stuff from me! I appreciate it. I know I should get some different Christmas designs up, but I have been feeling a bit down lately and just not in the happy seasonal mood. Will try though.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Pretty Ugly Toad got an award!

I got a Today's Best Award for November 18, 2008 for my ugly little toad. I am so happy! I call her ugly but I actually think she is kind of cute. I made her for a spot illustration for the story of Thumbelina. I had to do it for a class assignment a few weeks ago. She is the ugly toad who kidnaps Thumbelina to marry her son. I am so happy other people like her as well. Here is the bag that is listed in the Today's Best section on Zazzle today:


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Text to go with the previous post

I just uploaded a ton of new designs onto the Zazzle site. Some funny faces and a few new illustrations that I had done in Illustrator on the computer. There they are on the previous post.

They Etsy site will be up and running soon. We finally have enough stuff to start posting it on the site. Look for a new link soon. I am thinking it will be launched the first week of December. We have an arts and crafts show to do so whatever is left over from that I am going to put up on the site, plus other newer things after that. I have a lot of magnets and paperweights. I also have a few tote bags and journals. My mom is wanting to sell jewelry so that will be on there as well. I am also going to be doing beadwork and artwork. I will also be making some screenprintings on shirts for it as well.

I will update again soon. Thanks to everyone who is buying things from my Zazzle site! I appreciate all of you so so much! Business is picking up and things are getting exciting for me!! YAYAYAYAYAY!

Design overload

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

apples apples everywhere

I have uploaded some apple designs and one graffiti design onto the Zazzle site. I also added a nifty widget, see it over there on the shows you things you can buy on my site. Pretty cool huh.
They have also started making embroidery, I need to play with it a bit more so it isnt so expensive for you all. They have a conversion fee that can really be high if you are not careful. Well, here are the images I put up, go check them out!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween designs 2008

I finally got them all uploaded and it took FOREVER. I seriously am lacking in the sleep department from trying to get it all in before today. I wanted to make sure if anybody bought anything then there would be enough time for shipping. I also have one Thanksgiving design done. Its cute and funny really. It is in the whole new batch of uploaded images as well as a bookworm and apple image and a couple of others that are not exactly Halloween related. I also finally have a few skateboards up for sale. Anyhow, here is what is new:

Enjoy, hope you like them! As always, thank you to those of you who are buying things. You have no idea how much I appreciate you!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

another update! omg!

So I have another new design up on the Zazzle site, so go check it out. I have a lot more Halloween ones to get scanned in and drawn. I kinda went crazy with it. It is my favorite holiday after all.

I also rearranged a few things. I had to break up some of the product lines since I have enough designs, and its growing weekly. Other than that not much else has changed.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I have new things to show you

When I typed that title, I seriously heard it in Pinheads voice. I need to stop watching Hellraiser so much, lol. I can't help it though because I love horror movies, and now is the time of year where they are all over the tv. LOVE IT! Speaking of Halloween, I will be posting some Halloween designs here in a few days. Now I am posting other things I have finished. I also want to add that Zazzle now offers customizable skateboards. How awesome is that! So I am working on some skateboard designs and reworking a few older designs to fit the boards. I can't wait to get them done! So yeah here are some new drawings and stuff for you guys to look at:

I love these slideshows, makes things so much easier to post. I will be making some into posters for sure. So I am in creative high gear so expect me to update like crazy for the next few weeks. I finally have enough time to get these things done.

I would also like to thank those of you who have been buying my hats and keychains, oh and the shirts and mugs too! I hope you like them, it really makes me happy. As far as the Etsy store, still working on getting enough stuff to post on there. Beadwork takes a lot of time, but its getting there! Talk to you soon.

Monday, August 4, 2008

New items at Zazzle!

I have some shoes over there now. They are custom Keds. I think they are a really nice addition to the site so go check them out!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Holy Carp its July already!

I am so lazy. It's sad. I have not been motivated to do anything lately. I really need to get on the ball and finish everything I need for the Zazzle store. I have not updated it since April I think. I am pretty upset with myself about that really. Not that I don't have the stuff, I just need to color it and upload it and I have been hating the computer lately. I think I just got fried and needed a break. Anyhow, I have the Etsy store started. Once I finally open it there will be a link to it from here. I am excited about the Etsy store because I can sell my handmade stuff there. I am also collaborating with my mom and my daughter on the Etsy store so you will see stuff from them there as well. I think I may ask my daughter to collaborate on me with the Zazzle store as well, she is a very good artist for being 11 years old. My husband already helps me with the graffiti art, he is so much better at drawing it than I am. I just tweak it a bit and color it in. I try to get him to draw more cause his drawings are amazing but he just won't do it. He has such an amazing gift but has no interest in it what so ever. It kind of makes me crazy lol. So in the Etsy store you can expect beaded bags, canes, paper weights, magnets, picture frames, all sorts of earrings and bracelets; I am really excited about it! Once we finish up a few items I can load them up and my store will be open over there.

And to those of you buying my hats and buttons, THANK YOU!!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate the fact you bought something from me. If I could meet you, I would hug you!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I feel like a bad mom or something. It has been forever since I updated anything. I put a YouTube player on the bottom of the page for your enjoyment. I wanted it on the side but the size of it was a bit too big and it was cut in half so you couldn't see half of the video. So weird but I am going to figure out how to fix it. I have a ton of things I need to color and upload, I just have been busy with school. Life gets in the way at times. I have some posters and am working on a calendar for next year. I am also thinking of making myself a page on Etsy so I can sell some of my other pieces such as paperweights and magnets that I paint by hand. I also may sell some of my beadwork on it.

I have also been doing some graphic work for a dance studio. Baby steps people. I just wish things would go faster but patience will pay off one day. Keeping my fingers crossed on that at least hahaha. Promise to be around more, I have a break coming up so I can concentrate on more things that just school and kids.

Thanks for your support, you have no idea how much I appreciate all of you who come by.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One more new design

I drew this last night for my digital illustration class and I liked it so much that I decided to go ahead and use it in the store. He is my bad apple. He takes nothin from no one. He is hard core (horrible pun indeed!)


I particularly like his tattoo.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

OMG Update!

I know I am awful about updating this blog. Things have been a tad busy with school. So I have new designs up in the store. A few of them are belated Valentine's Day designs but at least I got them in there, haha. I have been drawing a lot lately. I also have an idea for some color it yourself shirt designs. I am patiently awaiting my graphic pens so I can ink my drawings and get them uploaded so I can make them into posters. Oriental Trading is taking forever in getting my order to me. I finally got me some business cards. Zazzle now has a section for you to make your own business cards so I ordered some. Now I have some cool cards to hand out to people. It is pretty nice. I made a slide show of the new designs, that way I am not clogging up the blog with a ton of pictures. I need to use that feature of Photobucket more often.

Here they are:

OK I will try and be more diligent.

I also want to thank those of you who have bought anything recently! I greatly appreciate it! I think I make up some bumper stickers for advertising. That would be fun.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Well I did it.

I closed the CafePress site down. I made no money on it whatsoever. I just did not see the point in paying almost 7 dollars a month for a site that was doing absolutely nothing. I am going to use that money instead to get a subscription to a freelance site and see if I can't get any jobs from it. I want to do some illustrating. Anyhow, the Zazzle site is kicking butt. I got my first check in the mail from them a few days ago. Thank you to everyone who purchased something from me. I have some new things to upload, been busy with finals so I have not had the time to load them onto the site yet. Which is a bit unfortunate because I had some cute Valentine images. I am going to post those anyways, just so they are there later. Other than that, I think I made a good decision.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New ad up

I just bought a text ad for a week on Pink is the New Blog. I like that site, Trent is funny and I like how he goes about dishing the gossip. So my ad will be there for a week starting tomorrow. I am going to work on a new gif image so when I renew my adspace on Crazydaysandnights it will have a new pic. I might also put one on Pajiba but I am not sure yet. I am looking for high traffic sites. I also just made three flyer ads that I am getting printed off so that I can pass them out and see if I can get any business that way. Maybe I can have my daughter pass them out at her dance class. I am really excited! I am also working on a few more V-day designs, also some anti-V-day ones. I am thinking cupid is a bastard is a good one. Maybe I just feel a bit jaded this year hahaha.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

They work!

Using those online ads have definitely worked. I had more traffic in the last week than I have since I opened the stores in September! Now I just need to save some more money so I can get some more. I also need to make a better GIF image. I didn't really like the one I used, but I did not know the specifications so the cool one I made in Photoshop was too big. Now I know to make it smaller. Thanks to those of you who bought stuff! I greatly appreciate it.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

CafePress is fixed

It was them being all glitchy. Thank goodness, I was not looking forward to having to redo everything. I did however change the background. I like the blue better for now.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I have made a resolution to try and blog here more often. I tend to pay more attention to my personal blog and forget about this one sometimes. I have been working on advertising the sites lately. I have paid for a weeks worth of ad space from and have 2 ads. One ad is on the gossip site and the other one is on . Paying for ad space is kind of expensive, but these two were reasonably priced for me. I paid 41 dollars for both. Some places wanted up to 1, 000. It was crazy. I can see how you can make extra money that way if you have a high traffic site though. Maybe one of these days I can do the same, hahaha. I have also been sending out fliers.

The site over at CafePress is being all wonky. None of my icons are showing up and all my categories are showing up twice. I can't figure it out. I think it is a glitch with the main system because when I checked it a few days ago it was working just fine. I guess if it is still like that in a few days I will have to go through and delete all my icons and find some new ones. That is such a pain in the butt. I am beginning to think that the CafePress site is a waste of time. My Zazzle site is selling more items, I have yet to sell one thing on CafePress. I am going to give it a few more months though, maybe I am just being impatient.

I got my screen printing materials. Now I just need to find someplace who will sell shirts to me in bulk. I also need to buy a few more screens. It will probably be a while before I get it started but at least I have the ball rolling on it.

I will be working on some more Valentine designs, maybe a few birthday cards as well. I need to make some Yard Signs and bumper stickers. I have not made any of those yet. Should do a few before school starts back up next week. I have an art history class to take, yet again, ugh. If i never have to take another art history class it will be too soon. That is about all for now! I will check back in a lot sooner, promise!


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