Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Pretty Ugly Toad got an award!

I got a Today's Best Award for November 18, 2008 for my ugly little toad. I am so happy! I call her ugly but I actually think she is kind of cute. I made her for a spot illustration for the story of Thumbelina. I had to do it for a class assignment a few weeks ago. She is the ugly toad who kidnaps Thumbelina to marry her son. I am so happy other people like her as well. Here is the bag that is listed in the Today's Best section on Zazzle today:


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Text to go with the previous post

I just uploaded a ton of new designs onto the Zazzle site. Some funny faces and a few new illustrations that I had done in Illustrator on the computer. There they are on the previous post.

They Etsy site will be up and running soon. We finally have enough stuff to start posting it on the site. Look for a new link soon. I am thinking it will be launched the first week of December. We have an arts and crafts show to do so whatever is left over from that I am going to put up on the site, plus other newer things after that. I have a lot of magnets and paperweights. I also have a few tote bags and journals. My mom is wanting to sell jewelry so that will be on there as well. I am also going to be doing beadwork and artwork. I will also be making some screenprintings on shirts for it as well.

I will update again soon. Thanks to everyone who is buying things from my Zazzle site! I appreciate all of you so so much! Business is picking up and things are getting exciting for me!! YAYAYAYAYAY!

Design overload

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

apples apples everywhere

I have uploaded some apple designs and one graffiti design onto the Zazzle site. I also added a nifty widget, see it over there on the shows you things you can buy on my site. Pretty cool huh.
They have also started making embroidery, I need to play with it a bit more so it isnt so expensive for you all. They have a conversion fee that can really be high if you are not careful. Well, here are the images I put up, go check them out!


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