Monday, February 6, 2012

Painting and Stuffs

I have been busy painting lately. Now that my kids are older I am now able to do this more often than I have over the last 9 years. I  love it because it's one of my favorite things to do beside beading. I could buy out any art supply store of their canvases and be happy forever if I had the money to do it. So I have been doing a lot of bright pop art type things. It's more of what I like to do. I am not a traditional Native American artist, I don't do strictly Native motifs in my art. I do this mainly because I hate how people try to pigeonhole Native artists into this archetype of doing strictly Native inspired art pieces. When I do include Native themes in my work, I do portrait work or I do interpretations on creation stories and other stories I have heard as I was growing up. I was heavily influenced by comics and cartoon art as I was growing up so that shows in what I do. I had a stash of comic books in my room and I would sit there by my window and practice drawing in the sunlight. I would also make my own comics and flip animations. All this has evolved into this crazyness I try to put out to the masses. So enough of my rambling, it's show and tell time!

Here are some paintings in progress. I am going to paint them soon.

WIP by ~luksicreations on deviantART
WIP by ~luksicreations on deviantART
WIP by ~luksicreations on deviantART
WIP by ~luksicreations on deviantART
WIP by ~luksicreations on deviantART

Here are some finished paintings and some painted wood charms:

Cute Paintings by ~luksicreations on deviantART
Misc. Painted Wood Charms by ~luksicreations on deviantART
Painted Girl Charms by ~luksicreations on deviantART

And these are some images I am making into charms and stickers:

Charm and Sticker images 1 by ~luksicreations on deviantART
Charm and Sticker images 2 by ~luksicreations on deviantART

So even though things might be quiet on here, I am working like mad making things all the time. Maybe that is why it's so quiet on here! Until next time! 


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